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Baby Rattle Toys

baby rattle toys

Babies love rattles

Baby rattle toys have been around since antiquity, and experts believe they help an infant improve hand eye coordination by stimulating their senses.

They also play a role in helping babies learn important fine motor skills and tummy time development.

Baby rattles are typically made of wood, plastic or cloth and come in a wide variety of shapes. Some rattles are brightly colored, have animals or flowers on them and make sounds when shaken.

There are also wrist rattles which attach to a baby’s wrist or ankle.

When a baby plays with their rattle, they will often hold it tightly and use their hands to shake it around. This strengthens their grasp reflex and helps them learn how to hold a rattle and make sounds.

The Advantages of Handmade vs. Mass-Produced Baby Rattle Toys

The best baby rattle toys are made from organic cotton and wood, free of harmful chemicals. They are soft, pliable and perfect for teething babies.

They have interesting shapes and textures that encourage interaction and learning. They are also great for soothing sore gums and calming babies during diaper changes.

Look for features that stimulate and entertain your child such as mirrors, buttons or music and lights. They can also have multiple functions such as a teething toy that doubles as a rattle or a pacifier.

The last thing a parent wants is to purchase a rattle that will choke their child. The toy must be tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to ensure it meets all applicable rules for safety.

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